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The 5 Best Kid-Friendly Whiteboards

A whiteboard designed for kids offers great convenience and versatility. It can greatly enhance learning and play experiences for children, whether at home or in the classroom.

Keep reading as we share our favorite types of whiteboards that make play fun and easy.

1. Lapboard Whiteboards for Kids

When imagining a kids' whiteboard, you might visualize a compact wooden board with a white writing surface. These dry erase lapboards are lightweight, portable, and fit easily into a backpack. The blank surface empowers children to freely write or draw in any color they choose.

A high-quality lapboard is crafted from sturdy wood and features a non-ghosting surface. Seek a lapboard that can endure repeated writing and erasing, especially in a classroom context. Because these boards have a wooden base, it's advisable to avoid wet erase markers. To ensure longevity, teach your children how to clean the surface using a soft microfiber cloth.

Certain lapboards are magnetic receptive, which adds a new dimension of interactivity. With these boards, your child can engage by arranging numbered magnets or constructing words with magnetic letters. These types of visual aids help the brain retain information. Our short-term memory handles words and can store around seven bits of information, while images are processed directly by our long-term memory. With a magnetic dry erase sheet, you can draw and cut out your own magnets.

child using whiteboard with magnets

2. Dry Erase Tables

Although lapboard whiteboards cater to individual use, dry erase tables promote collaboration. Placing your children at a whiteboard table encourages them to draw jointly or work together on math problems. It opens the door for leaving written messages or fostering role-playing scenarios using the drawings on the table. The play environment can transform daily, thanks to the easy erasability of the surface. Collaborative desks facilitate seamless idea sharing among students, contributing to their growing popularity in educational settings.

If a whiteboard table doesn't align with your home or classroom decor, you have the option to create your own solution. Use our Self-Adhesive Opti-Rite® material to turn any smooth surface into a kid friendly whiteboard. The Opti-Rite® material has a heavy duty, semi-permanent adhesive that can be used outside and inside. We also offer magnetic receptive material to turn any table into a magnetic playground.

man writing on glass dry erase board

3. Whiteboard Wall in Bedroom

Were you ever scolded as a child for drawing on your home's walls? Now, imagine giving a child a dry erase marker and inviting them to freely draw on the wall.

Transform a section of your child's bedroom into a whiteboard, fostering their creativity. This whiteboard area lets you draw a rocket for them to pretend to pilot into space or leave a reminder to pack their soccer uniform for school.

Whiteboard walls offer a sensory experience, particularly through touch. This interaction can be especially advantageous for children with ADHD, ADD, and ASD. Rather than drawing while seated, kids engage while standing, enhancing brain oxygenation, blood circulation, and core strength.

There are several options for how to turn a wall in your child’s bedroom into a giant whiteboard for kids. Our Opti-Rite® Dry Erase Wallpaper allows you to create dry erase walls from floor to ceiling, on any smooth painted wall or hard surface. We have options that require an adhesive for installation, peel-and-stick options, magnetic receptive options, and glossy or matte options.

kid sitting in front of dry erase wallpaper

4. Easel Whiteboards for Kids

Nurture a budding artist in your child with a kid-friendly easel that doubles as a whiteboard. Art provides an outlet for self-expression, especially when words are limited. A whiteboard easel empowers your child to draw and write whenever creativity strikes.

Chalkboard easels have declined in popularity due to concerns over chalk dust ingestion by children and pets. Opt for a robust, dust-free whiteboard crafted from quality materials. Just remember to choose the right cleaning method, whether it's a soft cloth or a dry eraser.

Designed with children in mind, these whiteboards are sized for their reach and feature vibrant colors that stimulate their minds. Many also boast magnetic receptive surfaces, allowing them to engage with educational and entertaining magnets. Using a magnetic dry erase sheet, you can create a magnet with your child’s name and ask them to practice writing and copying the letters.

toddlers playing with dry erase magnets

5. Custom Printed Lapboard Whiteboards for Kids

We previously discussed lapboards in this article, but did you know you can personalize your own lapboard with any image, maintaining the whiteboard's functionality? Custom lapboards add extra versatility to your classroom or home.

Rather than using paper, provide students with lapboards featuring printed handwriting lines for practicing their penmanship. Older kids can benefit from state or world maps on their lapboards to delve into geography and social studies. A lapboard featuring a grid and X-Y axis is ideal for graphing tasks. At home, you can create a bedtime checklist for your children to mark off after completing tasks like brushing their teeth and taking a shower.

The uses of a custom lapboard are only limited by what you can imagine. With our OptiPrint® process, you can be confident that the surfaces of your personalized kids' whiteboards won't leave any ghosting, erasing smoothly every time. These whiteboard surfaces come with a five-year total erase warranty. In classroom environments requiring frequent disinfection, you can safely clean the surface with isopropyl alcohol without harming the writing area, keeping it as pristine as when you received it.

girl homeschooling with us map laptop

Big Takeaways

Opting for any of these kids' whiteboard choices will introduce flexibility and an enhanced level of enjoyment to your home or classroom setting. These diverse options cater to various learning styles, offering hands-on and visual tools that assist children in their educational journey. From lapboards to wall surfaces, these resilient and reusable mediums foster the development of artistic skills and facilitate smoother homework experiences. 

For additional tips on utilizing whiteboards for kids, connect with us on social media @MyWhiteboards.

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Cara Porcella December 18, 2022
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