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About Custom Printed Floor Vinyls

Our user-friendly self-adhesive floor vinyls feature your store or company logo and message in full color, without any additional charges. These 8 mils thick floor decals boast a textured top, meeting the ASTM D 2047 Slip Resistance standards and R12 certification. Versatile for both indoor and outdoor use, these robust textile-reinforced vinyl decals offer reliable performance. For tailored designs at trade shows, weddings, conventions, or other indoor events, explore our Custom Printed Floor Vinyls. With ten size options available, you can create your unique floor vinyl design, applicable to a wide range of flooring types. Our printing process ensures vivid colors and these polymeric PVC film vinyls sport an easily applied and removable adhesive back. Enhanced by a certified slip-resistant matte laminate coating, these floor vinyls excel in medium to high foot traffic zones, maintaining their vibrancy and integrity for up to 9 months. Looking for larger designs? Discuss options with us to print your design in smaller sections that can be seamlessly combined.