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​Welcome to PrintedDryErase, the original home of high quality printed dry erase products crafted in the USA. With a legacy that stretches back to 1987, we've honed our visual communication expertise in a competitive landscape. PrintedDryErase is a subsidiary of OptiMA, Inc, a proudly woman-owned visual communication corporation headquartered in Massachusetts.

There was a time when crafting a custom printed dry erase board, with graphics that endured without fading or washing away, required an expensive procedure involving porcelain steel dry erase boards. These prints were embedded beneath the porcelain writing surface itself. This scenario partly explains why most other retailers, distinct from PrintedDryErase, exclusively offer music staff dry erase boards in a costly magnetic format, often with limited grid alternatives. This constraint arose from the limitations set by manufacturers. However, this changed with PrintedDryErase's groundbreaking Opti-Print™ method.

Through our proprietary Opti-Print™ technique, we've unlocked the ability to produce some of the most vivid and dynamic custom printed dry erase boards ever seen in the marketplace. These boards encapsulate vibrant images and prints that remain fully shielded, preserving their visual allure. Additionally, our printed boards have garnered substantial acclaim within the healthcare sector. This acclaim stems from their compatibility with notoriously harsh disinfectant agents. Businesses appreciate our commitment to quality and uncompromising commitment to innovation.

We assert confidently that an equivalent printed dry erase board is hard to come by, and our dry erase writing surface is sure to captivate you. Thank you for considering PrintedDryErase, where innovation and excellence converge to redefine the standard of printed boards.


Excellence: We are committed to continuous improvement and strive for the highest level of quality

Versatility: We are adaptable and open to change in order to meet customer needs

Ownership: We own our responsibilities and we take pride in our work

Leadership: We foster a culture of leadership, respect, and personal development

Value: We fight for value for our customers and we value our employees

Endurance: Being persistent and resilient in the face of challenges and setbacks

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Christine Klimavich, President

Christine leads our company with visionary leadership, driving innovation and fostering a culture of success.

Chris Klimavich, COO

Chris plays a pivotal role in overseeing operations and implementing efficient processes ensuring our company operates at the highest level of performance.

Mike Klimavich, Director of Finance 

Mike brings expertise and strategic financial acumen, guiding our company towards sustainable growth and financial success.