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OptiMA® Economy 32" x 45½" XY Grid Board

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  • OptiMA® offers smaller XY grid boards measuring 32" x 45.5" that can be shipped via UPS, making them a budget-friendly option
  • These exclusive boards are made with the OptiPrint® method, allowing for customization of the size and grid design
  • They come with a satin anodized aluminum trim, full-length marker tray, and installation hardware. Both magnetic and non-magnetic options are available

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Magnetic Receptive Yes or No
Size 32" H X 45.5" W / Magnetic or 32" H X 45.5" W / Non Magnetic
Made in the USA
Woman-owned Small Business
Since 1987


Classification: Dry Erase Boards
Sales Description: Smaller XY Axis Boards Magnetic 32" Tall x 45.5" W, Magnetic or Nonmagnetic

Another OptiMA® innovation! These are still our very best quality dry erase boards with an imprint of an X/Y axis grid, but they're made on a slightly smaller board size of 32" x 45½" so they can ship by UPS. A traditional 4x4 board is too large to ship by UPS and has to ship via truck, adding the shipping expense to your order. When you're on a tight budget these smaller XY grid boards make perfect sense. These smaller XY boards are an OptiMA® exclusive. No other company can offer them because only OptiMA® makes our boards with the Opti-Print® method. Everyone else has to rely on older technology of making boards using stock fused porcelain; this makes them unable to alter the size of the board or the design of the grid. So we make these in house we can improve our Opti-Print® boards however we want which allows us to offer you a smaller quality XY grid board like these. You get a quality board too with an outstanding writing surface. The boards won't leave behind any type of ghosted image and will erase clean every time. Each board comes with a nice satin anodized aluminum trim, a full-length marker tray and installation hardware. Select from either a magnetic or a slightly less expensive non-magnetic writing surface. Magnetic surfaces will allow you to use magnetic accessories. So keep some money in your budget and purchase our slightly smaller 32" tall x 45½" wide board instead. School purchase orders are gladly accepted.

Product Options

Variant SKU Sales Description Magnetic Receptive Size Pricelist Price
GR-GC-304-HB OptiMA® Economy Magnetic 32" x 45½" XY Grid Board, Bold 1/8" X/Y Axis Lines, 3/4" Grid Pattern w/ Lines 1/32" Thick, Aluminum Trim and Tray 32" H X 45.5" W / Magnetic $0.00
GR-GC-304-MA OptiMA® Economy Non Magnetic 32" x 45½" XY Grid Board, Bold 1/8" X/Y Axis Lines, 3/4" Grid Pattern w/ Lines 1/32" Thick, Aluminum Trim and Tray 32" H X 45.5" W / Non Magnetic $0.00