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No Bananas On Board Sticker, 2 Pack, 6" Circular

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  • Pack of 2 x 6" in diameter, Perfect for decorating multiple items or sharing with a fellow fisherman
  • Made with durable, weather-resistant material that withstands the perils of the open sea
  • Vibrant Colors, the lively and bright color scheme will surely spark conversations

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    Made in the USA
    MWB Exclusive
    Woman-owned Small Business


    Classification: Wall & Floor Vinyls
    Sales Description: 2-Pack, 6" Circular, No Bananas on Board Sticker

    Introducing the "Absolutely Positively No Bananas On Board" Sticker Set!

    Drawing from timeless seafaring traditions, these stickers capture the age-old fishing superstition that having bananas on a boat brings bad luck. The myth dates back to the 1700s, associated with various tales such as bananas spoiling other produce, attracting venomous creatures, and even coincidences with shipwrecks.

    A Piece of Nautical History - More than just a decoration, these stickers represent a whimsical aspect of fishing culture. From spoiling other produce to associations with poor catches and shipwrecks, the 'no bananas' belief is an intriguing part of seafaring lore.

    Whether you're a seasoned sailor, an avid fisherman, or a lover of unique maritime traditions, this sticker set is a fascinating addition to your collection. Get your pack today, and carry a piece of nautical history with you, as you pay homage to the myths and legends of the sea!