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11" x 17" Double Sided Lap Board with Piano Keyboard

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  • Large 11" x 17" double-sided individual student lap boards with music staff lines and a piano keyboard imprint
  • Sturdy 1/8" thick boards with rounded corners and smooth edges
  • Made from medium density fiberboard material with over 95% recycled materials, printed with eco-solvent inks, and a durable clear coating

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Made in the USA
MWB Exclusive
Since 1987


Classification: Lapboards
Sales Description: 11" x 17" x 1/8" Double Sided Lap Board. Piano Keyboard on One Side

Large 11" x 17" double-sided individual student lap boards with music staff lines and a piano keyboard print. An excellent instructional tool. Teach how to read music and keyboard notes at the same time. Now you can write the actual musical notes on one set of staff lines and write the corresponding letter codes on the other set of lines. Add an additional instruction aid by labeling the keys on the keyboard to create the perfect visual teaching aid. 

The lap boards are approximately 11" tall x 17" wide and a sturdy 1/8" thick so they will easily fit into the piano music stand. All of the corners are slightly rounded and the edges are smooth.These units are Double Sided. One side has a permanent imprint of a keyboard and music staff lines. The second side of the board is simply plain white. 

Tip: It is not recommended to clean these boards with anything containing ammonia which is found in most glass cleaners.

It is not recommended to use damp/wet-erase markers with these boards. If it is necessary to use wet-erase markers, erase clean with a damp cloth within 24 hours.