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About OptiMA® Faux Frame One Month Dry Erase Calendar Decal

Instead the print actually comes with a fake frame printed on it. You get to select from your choice of a fake oak frame, walnut or deep rich mahogany frame print surrounding a one month dry erase calendar. The monthly calendar has enough dry erase days on it that you won't have to double up on any days at the end of the month and there is plenty of writing space in each day too. The OptiPrint® dry erase calendar decal comes rolled in a tube and has a self-adhesive backing that is easy to stick on your wall. Our exclusive clear dry erase writing surface erases clean every time and won't ghost or leave ugly marker smears behind. The one month calendar decal prints are protected by this clear material so the color stay vibrant and it will never chip or peel off. With minimal proper care and maintenance you can use these for years.