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About OptiMA® Dry Erase Music Boards

Discover a comprehensive selection of music dry erase boards and whiteboards at Our magnetic dry erase boards feature music staff lines, piano keys, guitar strings, and more seamlessly embedded into the writing surface, ensuring years of trouble-free use and creativity. With each unit backed by a 50-year warranty on the writing surface, you can trust in lasting quality. Experience an OptiMA® innovation! As one of the pioneers in the field, OptiMA® proudly introduced the economy music staff board, offering exceptional dry erase capabilities without the added expense of porcelain steel. You'll be pleasantly surprised by the premium writing surface quality, coupled with a well-crafted board. Each unit boasts an elegant aluminum trim and comes complete with a standard marker tray. Choose from wall-mounted or portable reversible models, tailoring your choice to your specific needs. OptiMA® presents music staff marker boards for every scenario, including extended-length options and combination writing boards featuring music dry erase sections alongside plain white magnetic receptive areas. Experience excellence in musical visualization with OptiMA®.