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About Board Installation Hardware

Achieve secure and tamper-proof installation for various dry erase boards and aluminum frames. We offer three Marsh Industries-approved installation kits for their boards, suitable for other brands including OptiMA®. These kits are tailored for a standard 4' x 8' board size, potentially requiring multiple kits or resulting in surplus hardware. The HD-408-AC kit suits thinner melamine or composition boards (1/4" thick), compatible with Marsh boards with MA or AS prefixes, and OptiMA® GR-Mel, RiteOn™, and RitePlus® boards. The package comprises 10 plastic wall anchors, 10 1/4" L-Clips, 10 drill & tap screws, and 10 #10 Phillips screws. For heavier boards, the popular HD-408-BB kit is ideal, fitting larger Marsh boards with prefixes like AA, AB, AF, and others, as well as OptiMA® Great White® boards with aluminum trims. It includes 10 plastic wall anchors, 10 3/4" L-Clips, 10 drill & tap screws, and 10 #10 Phillips screws. The HD-408-WC kits cater to wood-framed boards and Marsh boards with AW, LW, MW, and similar prefixes. The set comprises 8 plastic anchors, 4 each of 3/4" and 1" L-Clips, 8 drill & tap screws, and 8 #10 Phillips screws.