Custom Printed Magnetic Dry Erase Boards

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Custom Printed Magnetic Boards
Custom Printed Magnetic BoardsCustom Printed Magnetic BoardsCustom Printed Magnetic BoardsCustom Printed Magnetic BoardsCustom Printed Magnetic Boards

These magnetic custom printed dry erase boards are created with our Opti-Print™ method which makes them very colorful, smooth and clean. Our magnetic boards are perfect for creating scheduling boards, production boards, tracking systems and more.

You can create the most colorful custom printed dry erase boards. The result is based only on the quality of the files that you give to us. Here's the best part...the price is the same regardless of how many colors you need in your design. Add your company logo as a watermark in the background for a custom printed board that really stands out.

Product Code** Description
Height x Width
One Time
Art Fee
GR-HBP-182 Magnetic 18" Tall x 24" W
$25 UPS*
GR-HBP-218 Magnetic 24" Tall x 18" W $25 UPS*
GR-HBP-203 Magnetic 24" Tall x 36" W
$25 UPS*
GR-HBP-302 Magnetic 36" Tall x 24" W $25 UPS*
GR-HBP-304 Magnetic 32" Tall x 45.5" W (3x4) $25 UPS*
GR-HBP-403 Magnetic 45.5" Tall x 32" W (4x3) $25 UPS*
GR-HBP-404 Magnetic 4' Tall x 4' W $50 Truck
GR-HBP-405 Magnetic 4' Tall x 5' W $50 Truck
GR-HBP-406 Magnetic 4' Tall x 6' W $50 Truck
GR-HBP-408 Magnetic 4' Tall x 8' W $50 Truck
GR-HBP-410 Magnetic 4' Tall x 10' W $50 Truck
GR-HBP-412 Magnetic 4' Tall x 12' W $50 Truck
GR-HBP-604 Magnetic 6' Tall x 4' W $50 Truck
GR-HBP-804 Magnetic 8' Tall x 4' W $50 Truck

  • *Ships UPS - Dimensional Weights Apply. May be more economical to ship by Truck with larger volume orders.
  • **No Tray Units may also available for some sizes through customer service. Add suffix of -NT to product codes above.

  • Magnetic receptive dry erase surface means you can use magnetic accessories.
  • Satin anodized aluminum trim.
  • All 4' tall boards have a full-length marker tray standard unless otherwise requested.
  • 6' & 8' tall units do not come with marker trays.
  • Installation hardware included with each board.
  • We create a PDF proof for you before creating any boards.
  • Lead-time for proofs is 2-3 business days from receipt of acceptable artwork.
  • There is a one-time set up fee for each different design. Designs are kept on file for a period of one year.
  • 5 year warranty on writing surface eraseability on all Opti-Print™ boards.
  • Finished boards take about 3-5* working days after receipt of proof approval.
  • *Larger volume orders may require more production time.

Best File Options:

For Graphics, Images, Logos etc.
    Vector files
  • .ai (adobe illustrator)
  • .eps
    Other File Options, Non-Vector
  • .jpg - Usually acceptable if high resolution files.
  • .tif - Usually acceptable if high resolution files.

Important! If these files contain any logos/graphics they should be sent in a separate file. (See above.)

For Floor Plans, Schematics and Maps.

  • Vector files (see above)
  • .dwg (Cad files )

Unacceptable files

  • Scans
  • Patches
  • Letter Head
  • Photocopies
  • Fax
  • Hand drawn
  • Licensed or Copyrighted files, images or designs that you do not legally own or have written permission to use.

Sending Your Art File: You can email your art file at this address: Send Artwork.

Accessory Items:

Need help with placing an order? Here is more detailed ordering info including file format, details on our proof process and anything else you may need.


There is a one-time $25.00 set up fee for each different design on boards 32" x 45.5" or smaller.
Send Artwork.

Price: $25.00
SKU: GR-SetUp-Large

There is a one-time $50.00 set up fee for each different design on boards 4' x 4' or larger.
Send Artwork.

Price: $50.00