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Lapboards or mini handheld whiteboards are a great option to give out to each student in the classroom to engage the class, encourage participation and get instant feedback on individual comprehension. But they are also a great option when you need a small portable whiteboards or are working with a small group or someone individually.

We have a great line of stock classroom, music and sports lapboards but we compliment that with the ability to customize these small boards with whatever design our customers want. Many people assume that they need to purchase large quantities to customize boards like this but that isn't the case with us, we don't require large quantities or charge huge set-up fees to design your boards.

We have found that many coached like to include their team logo on their sports boards; many hospitals use these as patient communication boards while including their hospital logo but we can customize these boards with any design you can think of. And just because these boards are small and inexpensive don't think they aren't good quality, we use the same Opti-Print™ dry erase surface that we use on our biggest wall mounted boards. So, these boards will have the same vibrant full-color graphics and premium ghost=free dry erase surface as any of our printed dry erase boards.

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OptiMA™ Student Lap Boards
Special Volume Discounts:
Student Lap Boards, 9 x 12 and 11 x 17 in a variety of pack sizes
From Options "9\" x 12\" Single Board (+$1.95)" "CS: 9\" x 12\" Pack of 24 (+$31.95)" "48: 9\" x 12\" Pack of 48 (+$62.95)" "" "LG-S: 12\" x 18\" Single Board (+$3.95)" "LG-12: 12\" x 18\" Pack of 12 (+$39.95)" "LG-CS: 12\" x 18\" Pack of 24 (+$78.95)"
12 Reviews
Small Music Staff Lap Boards
9x12 Double sided. Music staff on one side and plain white on the other.
Price $9.31
3 Reviews
Large Music Lap Board
11" x 17" Double Sided. Music staff on one side and white on the other.
Price $24.61
Large Piano Keyboard Lapboard
11" x 17" Double Sided Lapboards with music staff and a piano keyboard imprint on one side and plain white on the other.
Price $24.61
Guitar Lap Boards
11" x 17" Double Sided Guitar Fret & Music staff lines printed on one side - plain white on the other.
From $24.61
1 Review
Lap Boards with Grids
Double sided 9 x 12 or 11 x 17 student lap boards
From $9.31
1 Review
X/Y Grid Lap Boards
Double sided 9 x 12 or 11 x 17 student lap boards
From "Sizes" "DS: 9\" x 12\" Double Sided (+$9.31)" "LG: 12\" x 18\" Double Sided (+$24.61)"
Penmanship Lap Boards
Three different manuscript designs. 9 x 12 and 12 x 18, Double Sided.
From "Select Option" "MAN1-DS: 9x12 Single Manuscript (+$4.28)" "MAN2-DS: 9x12 ABC with 2 Sets (+$4.28)" "MAN3-DS: 9x12 Triple Manuscript (+$4.28)" "" "MAN1-LG: 12x18 Single Manuscript (+$9.95)" "MAN2-LG: 12x18 ABC with 2 Sets (+$9.95)" "MAN3-LG: 12x18 Triple Manuscript (+$9.95)"
Student Lap Board with Map
9x12 Double Sided Individual Student Lap Board with U.S. Map on One Side
From $9.31
1 Review
Handheld Polar Coordinate Lap Boards
Double Sided.
Select 9" x 12" or 11" x 17"
From "Sizes" "DS: 9\" x 12\" Double Sided (+$5.35)" "LG: 11\" x 17\" Double Sided (+$9.95)"

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