Dry Erase Magnet Prints for the Classroom

Dry Erase Magnet Prints for the Classroom

Dry erase magnet prints for the classroom from OptiMA. Roll up dry erase magnetic prints with music staff lines, XY Cartesian graphs, manuscript lines, line graphs, maps and more.

Why waste money and dry erase board space ordering a permanently printed whiteboard with something on it that you only use once in a while or during certain lesson plans. Now you can have a closet full of printed dry erase magnets from OptiMA with whatever lesson plan you happen to working on at the time. When your done with the lesson plan wipe the dry erase surface clean, roll the magnet back up with the print facing out and store it back in the closet until the next time you need it or pass it onto another classroom.

Super strong, heavy gauge magnetic sheets with prints covered with our exclusive dry erase writing surface. Magnetic prints range in size from 30" tall to larger 42" tall images and varies by style or design.

All of our magnetic dry erase classroom prints are printed in the U.S.A. and assembled in the U.S. School purchase orders gladly accepted.

Category Contents
Dry Erase Polar Coordinate Magnet
30" x 42" Dry Erase Magnet
Made in the U.S.A.
Price $79.86
Dry Erase XY Grid Magnet
30" x 45.25" Roll up dry erase magnets with XY Cartesian Graph
Price $74.76
4 Reviews
Roll Up Dry Erase Music Staff Magnet
10.5" or 45.25" Tall Roll Up Magnetic Prints in Three Widths. Sticks Securely to Magnetic Whiteboards.
From 1
Dry Erase Map Magnet
30" x 42" USA Map Magnet. Sticks to any magnetic whiteboard or chalkboard.
Price $79.95
1 Review
Dry Erase Manuscript Magnet
Three Sizes. Dry Erase Manuscript Lines
From "place holder"
Small Dry Erase Manuscript Magnet
Single 10.5" Tall Dry Erase Manuscript Magnet
From "Select Size" "104: 10.5\" x 44.5\" (+$29.71)" "106: 10.5\" x 68.5\" (+$39.95)" "108: 10.5\" x 92.5\" (+$49.95)"
Custom Dry Erase Magnets
Dry Erase Flat Magnetic Sheets up to 45" x 96" Stick to Any Smooth Steel Surface.
From "Size" "1224: 12\" Tall x 24\" W (+$25.46)" "1824: 18\" Tall x 24\" W (+$32.95)" "" "2412: 24\" Tall x 12\" W (+$24.95)" "2418: 24\" Tall x 18\" W (+$32.95)" "2424: 24\" Tall x 24\" W (+$32.95)" "2436: 24\" Tall x 36\" W (+$46.95)" "2448: 24\" Tall x 48\" W (+$59.95)" "2460: 24\" Tall x 60\" W (+$72.95)" "2472: 24\" Tall x 72\" W (+$86.95)" "" "4524: 45.75\" Tall x 24\" W (+$84.95)" "4536: 45.75\" Tall x 36\" W (+$104.95)" "4545: 45.75\" Tall x 45.75\" W (+$124.95)" "4548: 45.75\" Tall x 48\" W (+$134.95)" "4560: 45.75\" Tall x 60\" W (+$154.95)" "4572: 45.75\" Tall x 72\" W (+$179.95)" "4596: 45.75\" Tall x 96\" W (+$199.95)"
5 Reviews
Roll Up Dry Erase Magnet
White Dry Erase Magnetic Sheets
Stick to Any Smooth Steel Surface
From "Select Size" "403: 45.75\" x 36\" (+$79.95)" "404: 45.75\" x 44.5\" (+$99.95)" "406: 45.75\" x 68.5\" (+$129.95)"
3 Reviews

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