Colored Vinyl Chart Tape

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Vinyl Chart Tape
Vinyl Chart Tape

Colored Vinyl Chart Line Tape. Heavy duty, self-sticking colored vinyl tape in three different widths.

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Vinyl chart tapes are used to make divisions, lines or sections on a dry erase writing surface. You can use our colored vinyl chart tapes to create lines on almost any smooth surface but they work especially well with our preprinted Horizontal Lined Boards where the horizontal lines are already permanently printed on the boards. Lines are spaced either 1" or 2" apart.

Create vertical and horizontal lines, flow charts, graphs, planning calendars or any other type of visual aid on any white board.

Vinyl Chart Tape in Three sizes:

  • Small, CT-2 Roll is 1/16" wide x 648" long or (54' per roll).
  • Medium, CT-4 Roll is 1/8" wide x 324" long or (27' per roll).
  • Large, CT-8 Roll is 1/4" wide X 324" long or(27' per roll)

Five Colors to Select from: Black, Blue, Yellow, Red and Green

ColorShipping MethodShipping
Size: 1/16" Wide x 648" Long
OMV-CT-2-BLKBlackUPS0.02 lbs$5.25
OMV-CT-2-BLUBlueUPS0.02 lbs$5.25
OMV-CT-2-GRNGreenUPS0.02 lbs$5.25
OMV-CT-2-REDRedUPS0.02 lbs$5.25
OMV-CT-2-WHTWhiteUPS0.02 lbs$5.25
OMV-CT-2-YELYellowUPS0.02 lbs$5.25
Size: 1/8" Wide x 324" Long
OMV-CT-8-BLKBlackUPS0.03 lbs$5.95
OMV-CT-8-BLUBlueUPS0.03 lbs$5.95
OMV-CT-8-GRNGreenUPS0.03 lbs$5.95
OMV-CT-8-REDRedUPS0.03 lbs$5.95
OMV-CT-8-WHTWhiteUPS0.03 lbs$5.95
OMV-CT-8-YELYellowUPS0.03 lbs$5.95
Size: 1/4" Wide x 324" Long
OMV-CT-4-BLKBlackUPS0.03 lbs$5.35
OMV-CT-4-BLUBlueUPS0.03 lbs$5.35
OMV-CT-4-GRNGreenUPS0.03 lbs$5.35
OMV-CT-4-REDRedUPS0.03 lbs$5.35
OMV-CT-4-WHTWhiteUPS0.03 lbs$5.35
OMV-CT-4-YELYellowUPS0.03 lbs$5.35

    Product Features:
  • Available in six colors: Black, White, Yellow, Red, Blue and Green
  • Three tape widths:
    • Small - CT-2 Vinyl chart tape is a roll 1/16" X 648" (54' per roll)
    • Medium - CT-4 Vinyl chart tape is a roll 1/8" X 324" (27' per roll)
    • Large - CT-8 Vinyl chart tape is a roll 1/4" X 324" (27' per roll)
  • Product is in stock and usually ships in 1-2 business days
  • Expedited shipping methods available