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How Labor and Delivery Units Use Custom Dry Erase

In busy Labor and Delivery units, which see around 3.6 million births annually in the US, the influx of new parents, infants, and visitors is continuous. For nurses, having readily accessible and visible critical information is essential to provide optimal patient care. Patients also greatly appreciate the reassurance that clear information brings. This is precisely where the advantages of utilizing Custom Maternity Dry Erase Boards become apparent.

The Benefits of Custom Dry Erase Boards

Ensuring the safety and well-being of new mothers and infants is paramount in labor and delivery units. The introduction of custom maternity dry erase boards addresses this need by placing crucial information within easy reach of your staff, facilitating quick updates and clear visibility during fast-paced moments.

In the labor and delivery setting, effective collaboration and critical thinking between labor nurses and obstetricians are vital to providing optimal care for mothers and babies while adhering to their birth plans. Having essential information readily displayed empowers nurses with knowledge of patient names, labor progress, expected delivery times, and birth plans. During shift changes and rounds, this visibility enables staff to stay informed about patient status, birth plans, medications, and any concerns that arise during labor. 

nurse using a computer in front of a maternity dry erase board

For first-time parents, the hospital stay can evoke nervousness and anxiety due to the uncertainty of what lies ahead. The unfamiliar procedures encountered during this time might raise concerns about expectations and standard practices. Introducing custom dry erase boards offers a solution to help patients comprehend the ongoing processes and alleviate potential anxiety.

Following childbirth, closely monitoring the well-being of both babies and mothers is crucial to ensure a comfortable recovery and address any potential complications promptly. Custom whiteboards play a pivotal role in educating new parents about feeding and sleeping schedules, providing insights into what to anticipate, and offering essential care guidelines for newborns. The post-partum unit also benefits from the implementation of custom dry erase boards.

These boards prove particularly valuable during the post-partum period by facilitating smooth care delivery. Maternity dry erase boards enable nurses to stay updated about their patients' well-being since the last rounds, any arising questions, discharge plans, and more. Once again, these boards contribute to medical staff's ability to provide comprehensive care to patients, from triage to discharge, within the labor and delivery unit.

Why Are our Hospital Boards Different?

Our extensive range includes boards for patient rooms and command centers, showcasing exceptional erasability and robust construction that ensures longevity with proper care. A standout favorite in hospitals is our Prism-Lock™ whiteboard, boasting ink directly infused onto metal. This board stands up to rigorous hospital-grade cleaning agents, including ammonia and bleach.

Specifically designed for maternity care, our custom dry erase boards are rated for a minimum of 20,000 wipes, offering unparalleled scratch resistance while maintaining a sturdy and sterile surface. All our signature boards are constructed with highly durable wood substrates, encased in sleek anodized aluminum trim that possesses antimicrobial properties. Our boards are meticulously designed to cater to hospital needs, embodying durability and practicality.

Examples of our Labor and Delivery Boards

Want a Sample?

Feel free to utilize our contact form to request a complimentary sample. The process is straightforward and swift, ensuring you receive it promptly. Our sample pack encompasses visual representations of our printing techniques, along with comprehensive explanations of various board choices. Notably, it incorporates an actual printed Prism-Lock™ sample directly applied onto metal for your reference.

Why Choose OptiMA?

We are a woman-owned small business making our products in the USA. We specialize in dry erase boards, dry erase wallcoverings, portable dry erase units, high-quality custom printed whiteboards, fast shipping, and five-star customer service. Over the last three decades, we’ve worked hard to deliver industrial quality whiteboard solutions that won’t break customers’ budgets.

Cara Porcella April 19, 2023
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