Polar Grid Coordinate Dry Erase Boards

Polar Grid Coordinate Dry Erase Boards

Polar grid coordinate dry erase boards and other dry erase polar grid options from OptiMA.

OptiMA's polar grid selection includes the standard 4' x 4' magnetic dry erase board as well as a smaller economical 32" x 45.5" version of the same board that ships by UPS instead of truck. Both have a really nice satin anodized aluminum trim and a full-length aluminum marker tray and a magnetic receptive dry erase writing surface that allows you to use magnetic accessories.

In addition to our larger wall mounted units we offer smaller hand held student lap boards. These two sided lap boards come in a size of 9" x 12" or a larger 12" x 18" with a polar coordinate graph on one side of the board and a plain white dry erase writing surface on the reverse.

One of our most popular items by far is the polar coordinate magnet with a dry erase writing surface. This is a roll up magnet version of our wall mounted boards that you can take out and use when you need it and store it back in the closet when your finished.

All of our polar coordinate products are made in the U.S.A. and school purchase orders are always accepted.

Category Contents
4 x 4 Polar Grid Whiteboard
Wall Mounted. Select Magnetic or Non-Magnetic.
From $229.95
Small Magnetic Polar Coordinate Whiteboard
Smaller 32" x 45"
Unit Ships UPS
Price $292.36
Handheld Polar Coordinate Lap Boards
Double Sided.
Select 9" x 12" or 11" x 17"
From "Sizes" "DS: 9\" x 12\" Double Sided (+$5.35)" "LG: 11\" x 17\" Double Sided (+$9.95)"
Dry Erase Polar Coordinate Magnet
30" x 42" Dry Erase Magnet
Made in the U.S.A.
Price $79.86

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