Dry Erase Board Eraser Mitt

Price: $4.95
Eraser Mitt
Eraser Mitt

There has never been an easier way to clean your dry erase boards than with our OptiMA Graphics Microfiber Eraser Mitt! Unique microfiber eraser mitts for white boards and dry erase boards. 5x10 mitt stays on your hand while you clean your dry erase boards better than ever before.

No more dropping the erasers. Simply slip on the light weight, 5" x 10" microfiber mitt and go to town. The microfiber fabric safely cleans your dry erase boards better than any standard felt eraser ever will. The soft microfiber cloth traps the dry erase dust while cleaning and polishing your boards to a bright luster like never before.

In addition they can be washed and cleaned so you can use them over and over again! When a felt eraser gets dirty with dry erase dust you throw it away. Not so with your Microfiber mitt.

Available in blue only. Normally ships in a day or two.

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