We make it Easy to Order!

Our graphic specialist are always available to help you anytime you need them. You can contact them by Live Chat using the link above or give us a call. Our U.S. Toll free number is 877-393-0111. We're here Monday through Fridays from 8am to 5pm EST. Here are some simple tips that may help.

Select the proper board size: We always recommend that you try to use one of our "stock" sized boards whenever possible. They usually can ship much faster and they cost you less than a "custom" sized board.

For instance if you're creating a simple grid pattern that measures 16" tall x 22" wide you don't want to order a "custom" 16" x 22" board. Rather use one of our 18" x 24" stock boards.

What type of board do you need?: We offer many types of custom printed boards. Some, but not all are available magnetic receptive meaning that you can use magnetic accessories.

  • Framed Wall Mounted - Magnetic & Non-Magnetic
  • Unframed Wall Prints Only - Non-Magnetic Only
  • Small Hand Held - 6"x9", 9"x12" & 12"x18" - Non-Magnetic
  • Portable & Reversible - Magnetic Only
  • Conference Cabinets - Magnetic
  • Standing Easels - Magnetic & Non-Magnetic

Formal Quote or Estimate: If you are ordering a large amount of boards or need a formal written estimate for your office our customer service professionals can handle that for you. Call us toll free at 877-393-0111.

Submitting your artwork: Once you've determined that you wish to place an order we will need your art file. You can email your art file at this address: Send Artwork. Your account manager will contact you and charge your credit card at this time for any artwork and set up fees.

We do not charge you for your order until you are fully satisfied with your PDF proofs and color samples. This process can only completed by you. You will sign off on both the PDF proof and color samples. At that time your account manager will complete your order and bill your credit for the rest of the order.

The preferred file types are vector images such as:

  • .ai (Adobe Illustrator)
  • .eps
  • .dwg Cad Drawing

For more information and for other file recommendations please read more about our acceptable artwork files.

What do I get for my artwork & set up fee?:
  • You will be assigned an account manager if not already working with one.
  • Your files will be manipulated by our art department to work with our software to create an Opti-Prints™.
  • A PDF proof will be created showing the exact design.
  • The files are sent to our production team where a color sample* of the actual dry erase surface is created and labeled.
  • *Color samples may or may not be sent for simple black and white line prints.
  • A copy of the estimate, the PDF proof and the color sample is then sent to you by UPS ground for your approval.
  • You can make up to 3 revisions at no additional charge. More than 3 may require an additional charge.

*This only happens in rare circumstances but please note that we reserve the right to charge additional art work fees depending upon the complexity of your files and the amount of time that our art department may be required to use to make your files compatible.

How Do I Order?

COVID-19Current Status

To our valued customers,

We are open -- all products and lead times listed on the website are accurate. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates should anything change.

At OptiMA we are monitoring the latest news about COVID-19. And like many of you, our number one priority is keeping our customers, partners, suppliers and employees safe and healthy. We believe it's important to do our part to help reduce the transmission of COVID-19, while remaining accessible to our customers.

As we diligently follow the guidance and best practices put forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) regarding work-from-home practices and daily cleaning routines, we remain online and in operation.

As a US manufacturer we feel prepared to weather this storm and continue to serve our loyal customers in a safe and productive manner.

As always, we look forward to serving you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at info@mywhiteboards.com or 866-366-1500.